2005 T-Shirt Design Comp

Entries have now closed for this competition.


Winner! : Huskworks


Nathan Barrow


Simon Norfolk


Marc Katsambis






Paul Orton


Johnny Whiteboi




Fat Studio


Ryan Ackary


Mr Katsie

* The design below is an ambigram. It can also be read upside down.










Competition Details

Want to earn some extra $$$ for something you could churn out in an hour? Come up with a fresh print for a tee and if it is selected to be printed, you'll receive $150 at the time of printing!


The design is completely up to you, it could include graphics, tags, simplified images, whatever, get creative! The only limitations are that it must be 4 colours or less, no gradients, no photographs and no tiny halftones. Black & white count as colours. It must also feature either 'Melbourne Graffiti' or 'MG' somewhere in the design.


You can leave your name or logo somewhere small in the design if you wish. All designers will have their name, and if requested, a bio page with their contact information. Handy for those freelance artists that want to get their name out there.


Terms and Conditions

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